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The immersive environment will include multimedia motion graphics, 2D character modeling, sound, and animation.


One of the primary purposes of this structure is to educate children ages 4-14 about the importance of honey bees. The narrative will tell a story about a bee colony that lives in Happy Willow Woods and uses the four parts of the structure to tell the story. The first section will welcome the audience to the Happy Willow Woods and introduces the bees and their responsibilities to keep the hive healthy and happy. The second section will take the audience on an adventure to a field full of flowers and can see the bees collect the nectar and transfer the pollen from one flower to the other and fly back to the hive to communicate where the nectar is with a waggle dance. The third section will showcase the decline of the honey bee and talking and showing the different elements that affect the healthy hive. Finally, the fourth section will take the audience back to Happy Willow Woods and talk about how we, as humans, can protect the bees for generations to come. 

propolis-thesis 0426

propolis-thesis 0426

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