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Bees have been on the decline, and as of 2016, eight species of bees were placed on the U.S. endangered species list. The decline of pollinators, including the honeybee, is due to industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens, and climate change. The loss of habitat and lack of nectar is due to monocultures and bee-killing pesticides. These are threats for honeybees and wild pollinators. Please check out the Honeybee  Conservancy to learn more about how to save these wonderful creatures!


Types of bee species


Endangered Species


Percent of the worlds plants need pollination


Types of bees maintain a hive

About Propolis

Creating and using an Immersive 2D honey bee environment to explore various creative technologies in order to educate children ages 4-14 about the importance of honey bees.

Along with motion graphics, structure, and spatial sound, the thesis will also include brochures, seed packets, and stickers.

Creating key takeaways

It is ideal for creating a takeaway like a brochure for audiences to bring home and experience with others. Giving an opportunity to open the conversation with others on how important honey bees are to the environment. By taking a seed packet home to create a bee-friendly garden or stickers to give to friends and a brochure to give to their parents, will give the child their own responsibility to protect these social creatures.


Learn ten ways on how you can help

save the bees!

Why is it important to save the bees?

Honey bees and other pollinators need good, clean food for good health. When they have proper nutrition, the hive is healthy, and the adult bees are better able to fight-off diseases.


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